Nail Enhancements, Manicures, Rayleigh/Essex

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Enhancements & Manicures - Rayleigh

Manicures & Pedicures

Gelish Manicure (lasts 2-3 wks) 28.00
Gelish Pedicure 28.00

Manicure with polish 15.00
Pedicure with Polish 20.00

Acrylic & Gel

Clear full set             25.00
Colour full set 30.00
Infills 25.00
Single nail repair 3.00
Removal plus mini manicure 10.00

Nail Art freehand from: 5.00

After care advice

Never use your nail extensions as tools, treat them the way you would your natural nails.

Do not bite, pick at or file your extensions

Wear gloves when washing up or using household detergents

If lifting can be seen please call me as water and dirt can get under it and cause an infection

If any adverse reactions occurs: rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails please contact me immediately

Do not try to remove them as this can cause untold damage to your natural nails. Please contact me where i can remove them properly.

Tinted lotions, suntan creams and hair products can discolour your extensions so wash your hands thoroughly after use or use gloves to protect them.

Please use cuticle oil everyday to keep your nails looking good and to nourish the natural nail underneath.

Do not miss your regular maintenance appointments to ensure your nails stay looking at their best. 

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